Shake our gate and see how sturdy and quiet it is.  Check out the competition and shake their gate and

hear the rattle and noise.  Fold down gates are the nosiest on the roads.

Ours is 10 times more quieter on the road and are by far the STRONGEST!  We use a thicker gage mesh on our gates and sides.   Stand on our mesh, then stand on their mesh.

We use tube outside perimeter and c channel on the upright posts! 

Not weak , cheap angle iron!


Trailer Test:  Stand in the front corner

Do you see any flex on opposite back side of trailer?  Weak frame??  NOW-

Stand on the competition’s corner.  Watch it flex and move.  Weak!!

Ours is 5 times stronger and better!

It will last longer!   Some of our trailers are on the road for

over 30 years now!


Frame-  3” stringers or 2” stringers?   3” are stronger.

If you are purchasing a 3500# rated trailer never purchase a

2” stringer trailer.  Weak.    If it has a tube frame, always ask the gage of the tubing.  Ours is strong and thick! 1/8” or 11 gage, not 14 gage which is weak.   Some trailer manufactures are using cheap thin tube that will rot out quickly and is weak.  Steel prices are up so they are cutting costs by using thinner and thinner steel.  Some of the frames are “pop can” thin!!   NOT GOOD!


SUSPENSION:   Our trailers have quality 4 leaf , 25 ¼” commercial springs on the HD units.  Beware of the “Round Tube Top Rail” trailers!  They are using the 20” cheap 3 leaf springs!  We have replaced over 18 broken springs on their trailers due to weak suspension.  This costs the owner over $150.00 each to fix. Something is wrong with their design!  Round Tube Trailers= NO GOOD.


Hubs:  Ask if the hubs are packed full of marine grease.

Competition-  Just a dab on their bearings.  Stingy as can be!   Grease is expensive is their excuse.   Our hubs are packed full for long lasting bearings!  This costs us a extra $8.00 a trailer and is more work,  but… is worth it!


Floor:  Check how many floor bolts are holding down the floor.   More bolts-  stronger trailer and more work to install them.  Stay away from trailers with few bolts.

Mesh floor trailers are junk.   Weak mesh bends.  Also,

if you travel any gravel roads the dirt comes right up through the mesh.  Causing problems with your items you are towing and a great mess.


Sides-  Check how many side bolts are holding the sides on.  More bolts is stronger.  If you find staples- means cheap junk trailer.  Just a few bolts shows a cheapie trailer.





-  If light guards are installed- do they have a wire cable eye holding the wires so they don’t fray after the warranty has passed?  Is the ground wire eye (white wire)  double looped so it won’t be “Pulled Out” easily?  Are the wiring connections made with dielectric grease?  Ours are!  They will last for years.  No dielectric grease?  This will cause trouble after the warranty has expired!


Front Jack-  do you have a removable zinc plated foot.  Or…. Is it just a piece of angle iron welded on?  If it is welded on ….how are you going to remove a bent jack in future years???

Welded on jacks mean cheap thrown together trailers.  They save three 40 cent bolts.


Paint-  Is it primed before painting and cleaned off with anti oil cleaner?

Is the trailer painted before the wood and floor is installed on the trailer?

Ours are.


Location: Is the trailer foreign built?  Ours are made right here in Livonia, Michigan!

Michigan Made!


Reputation: 37 years Manufacturing Trailers.  We make trailers for the rental industry so we know how to make them strong!!

We have made them for lots of corporations and for the government too.  We have made trailers for over 12 cities in Michigan too!   We have had trailers shipped to at least six countries.   


We hope this buyers guide is helpful!


39,000 Parts!

“Old Time Craftsmanship” by old timers!


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