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Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service.  We have been building quality trailers at our small plant for over 37 years!!   We build them like we like to tow them ourselves.  Our trailers are the best made units in Michigan!! ( Not kidding.)

Our gates are stronger than all the competition out there.   Better mesh, more uprights and stronger "C" Channel uprights too. Tubing on the sides and bottom too. 

Our store has more parts than anyone else in Michigan too. If we don't have it, we will tell you where to go. We are a small Mom & Pop type business. We have over 105 Years Experience behind our counter! No high school kids behind our counter that don't know their trailer parts!

Doug, first trailer built 1971.  First axle built 1974.  Over 2500 trailers completed and 5570 axles!  Number one trailer maker in the four county region!   Marilynne (Center) First trailer part sold 1969 in St. Clair Shores.  With 53 years of trailer knowledge, she knows her parts better than anyone in the state of Michigan.   Deborah, (Far right) working in the trailer shop since 1987. Knows her trailer parts, hubs  & bearings, brakes.   Knows how to work the drill press, band saw , in the shop too!  Our number one customer helper.  


Stand in one of the front corners of our trailer and see how much flex the frame has in the opposite corner.  I don't care if you are 70#'s overweight!  Now, do that with the competition's trailer and see it bend and give.  Our units are stronger and will last longer.  In fact, you can do this test with just our frame, without the floor yet installed and compare it to their finished unit!  Ours is best!  Ask for our free 2016 Buyers Guide! 

Ours is #1 Strong!    

Through the years many firms have tried to compete with our High Quality and very low margin pricing.  We run a low frills, fast paced, detail oriented shop!  We are a fierce competitor!  These are the companies that tried but  failed in our market area:

  • Sturdy Frame, Inc.  Walled Lake ~ not so sturdy. 
  • Douglass' Douglass' Custom Trailers, Madison Heights, fancy name, not so great at trailers.
  • Precision Trailer, Livoinia  (Missing crossmembers~ Save money?) 
  • Wrightman Trailer, Livoinia (Larry was a good guy the new owners were trash.)
  • Circus Trailer Co. , Redford (14" tires on the left side, 13" on the right! A circus mfg.!! A true story.)
  • Shamrock Trailer, Inc.  ,  Detroit (Axles, small trailers, not so lucky at trailer making.)
  • Keisler Wholesale,  (Junk trailers, no brakes, used bald tires, just junk.)
  • Use A Trailer Co.
  • Rebellious Trailer of Romulus, Inc. ~  Closed and moved to warmer climate.
  • Douglas Trailer & Fab of Northville~  Asked us how do we do it?
  • US Trailer of New Hudson & Livonia, Large!~ lots of workers.  No more. 
  • Causly Trailer of Detroit , Largest hitch Distr of late 1960's.  Owner odder than most trailer people we have run across..
  • Uler Trailer Company, Brighton,  bald tires, odd fenders, Still see them today out there. 
  • Golden Trailer, Brighton & Highland (bald tires, junk axles, bad paint.)
  • Alloy Trailer Inc.  (oddest parts of all the competitors!  ODD STUFF!)
  • Macko Trailer,  Roseville  (No paint on their frames!  ~ EVER.) 
  • Gerrard Trailer Mfg, Livonia.  (nice Heavy Duty trailers, odd owner & their shop burnt down 3 times!)
  • Paul's Welding & Trailer Fab. , St. Clair Shores
  • Northland Trailer Mfg, Inc., Piconning (Snowmobile/ Utility Trls) 
  • Funline Trailer Co. ~  Frames full of holes~  Used Uni~Strut frames. 
  • Gratiot Trailer & Fab.  Co. no paint on units. (my first competitor~ 1971)
  • Pamco Trailer Co, Livonia~ Has a road named after it in Livoina! 
  • Groesbeck Trailers, good trailers , hurt back and quit.
  • There are about 7 more but we forgot their names as years have passed.  We plan on adding one or two new names here for 2016! 




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